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Number Policy Approved On Review By Sort descending Revised On
OP-22 The Library and Elections
HR-12 Accessibility ,
OP-17 Video Surveillance
OP-20 Shredder Use
OP-04 Computer and Internet Use , ,
OP-05 Privacy
HR-03 Health and Safety , ,
HR-01 Discrimination and Harassment
HR-02 Prevention of Workplace Violence
FN-02 Vision Statement
OP-06 Information Services ,
FN-03 Statement of Values
OP-15 Sponsorship
OP-01 Children and Youth Services , ,
FN-01 Mission Statement ,
OP-07 Interlibrary Loan , ,
OP-16 Volunteer , ,
GOV-04 Duties and Responsibilities of Individual Board Members
FN-04 Intellectual Freedom
GOV-03 Board Training
GOV-06 Delegation of Authority to the CEO
OP-08 Mobile Device Use
OP-12 Reciprocal Borrowing
GOV-01 Purpose of the Board
GOV-07 Policy Development ,
BL-06 Amendment of By-laws
OP-09 Local History ,
GOV-08 CEO Performance Appraisal
BL-04 Powers and Duties of the Board
BL-02 Composition of the Board
OP-02 Circulation , , ,
BL-05 Meetings of the Board ,
GOV-10 Advocacy ,
BL-03 Terms of Reference of the Officers
OP-03 Collection Development , ,
GOV-02 Board Orientation ,
OP-10 Procurement ,
GOV-09 Planning ,
GOV-05 Committees of the Board
HR-06 Terms and Conditions of Employment , ,
HR-09 Vacation, Public Holidays and Leave
HR-04 Human Resources Management , , ,
HR-07 Performance and Discipline ,
BL-01 Statement of Authority
HR-05 Staff Selection and Assignment , ,
HR-08 Compensation ,
OP-14 Shaw Community Hub Rental
OP-13 Registration
OP-18 Maker Space
OP-19 Donations
HR-11 Travel ,
HR-10 Use of Technology
OP-11 Programming ,
OP-21 Records Retention