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    1. All FFPLTC material, with the exception of reference works and vertical file material, will be circulated to any user with a valid membership.
    2. All items, with the exception of Videos and Electronic Games which are loaned for 1 week, may be borrowed for 3 weeks.
    3. No more than 3 books on one subject may be borrowed by a patron.
    4. The minimum age for borrowing Videos and Electronic Games is 16.
    5. Videos may not be borrowed using a child or young adult card.
    6. Five Videos may be borrowed per adult card.
    7. Two Electronic Games may be borrowed per card.
    8. Seven CD's may be borrowed per card.
    9. A valid FFPLTC card must be presented in order to check out material.
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    1. With the exception of Videos and Electronic Games, all items may be renewed a maximum of three times, provided that no reserve requests are pending.
    2. Videos and Electronic Games may be renewed once.
    3. Renewals may be made by:

      1. presenting the item to be renewed at the Circulation Desk
      2. online
      3. by telephone
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    1. FFPLTC material on loan or order may be reserved for a patron.
    2. Material will be held on reserve for no longer than three days after the patron has been notified of its availability.
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    1. Fines will be levied for overdue FFPLTC material according to Fees and Fines.
    2. When fines accumulate to $15, the borrower must clear fines before checking out FFPLTC material.
    3. The maximum fine that can accumulate per individual is $15.
    4. All FFPLTC material becomes the responsibility of the patron until checked in by the circulation attendant.
    5. A borrower who loses or damages FFPLTC material will be required to pay the replacement cost of that material.
    6. If a patron declares his or her card as stolen, he or she will still be held responsible for items borrowed on that card.
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    Library Sponsor

    Anyone donating a minimum of $125 will be exempt from fines (on his or her card only) for one year.

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    In-Library Use

    Children and Youth have access to Videos (up to rated G) and Electronic Games (rated E) for in-house use only.

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  • Fees and Fines

    ID Product Fee Per
    Membership Non-Resident - 12 Months $85.00 Family Non-Resident - 6 Months $50.00 Family Non-Resident - 1 Month $10.00 Family Non-Resident - 12 Months $60.00 Individual Non-Resident - 12 Months $50.00 Senior (55+)
    Late Material Generic $0.25 Day Video $1.00 Day Video Game $3.50 Day
    Interlibrary Loan $0.50 Day
    Damaged Material
    Library Card $2.00 Item
    DVD Case $5.00 Item
    MakerSpace Material
    2.25" Pinback Button $1.25 Button
    2.25" Non-pinback Button $2.75 Button
    1.25" Pinback Button $1.00 Button
    1.25" Non-pinback Button $1.75 Button
    3D Printing $2.00 Hour
    Vinyl Cutting $3.00 Foot
    Used Books
    Hardcover $2.00 Item
    Trade Paperback $1.50 Item
    Paperback $1.00 Item
    Magazine $0.25 Item
    DVD / CD / Video Game $2.00 Item
    Audiobook $1.50 Item
    Other Items For Sale
    Friends of the Library - Chocolates $3.00 Item
    Friends of the Library - Cook Book $10.00 Item
    Headphones $3.00 Item
    Tea $1.00 Item
    Coffee $1.00 Item
    Laminating - 8.5" x 11" $2.00 Item
    Laminating - Index Card $1.00 Item
    Envelope -8.5" x 11" $0.50 Item
    File Folder - 8.5" x 11" $0.50 Item
    Page Protector - 8.5" x 11" $0.50 Item
    Printing Black and White - 0 to 10 Pages $0.25 Page Black and White - 11 to 20 Pages $0.20 Page Black and White - 21 to 49 Pages $0.15 Page Black and White - 50+ Pages $0.10 Page Colour - Letter $0.75 Page Colour - Legal $1.00 Page Colour - Ledger $1.50 Page
    Fax Sending Domestic - First Page $4.00 Page Domestic - Additional Page $1.00 Page
    Overseas - First Page $6.00 Page
    Overseas - Additional Page $1.00 Page
    Fax Receiving First Page $1.00 Page Additional Page $0.25 Page
    Shaw Community Hub Rental Rental $20.00 Hour After Hours $30.00 Hour Late Cancellation (within 24 hours) 50% Event
    Technical Services Teleconferencing Administration $34.00 Event Videoconferencing Administration $85.00 Event Proctoring $25.00 Event
    Other Rentals
    Santa Suit $25.00 Day
    Children's Birthday Book $25.00 Item
    Adult/YA Birthday Book $30.00 Item
    Large Print Birthday Book $40.00 Item