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Human Library

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Talk with Human Books!

Real People. Real Conversations.

Monday, October 17th, 2016 from 6 PM - 8 PM

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What is a Human Library?

In a Human Library, people become the Books and are borrowed for conversation. The Human Books come from all backgrounds and ways of life, but they all have one thing in common: for different reasons, they are often subjected to stereotyping or prejudice.

Books and Readers meet for a Loan Period of up to 20 minutes in a safe and welcoming environment - the library. This provides Readers with an opportunity to listen, ask questions and share experiences.

The Human Library creates a new way to connect with each other: one Book, one Reader, one conversation at a time.

Who are the Human Books?

A Human Book is a volunteer who has chosen to speak openly, and with honesty, about their own life experiences, especially the challenges they have experienced because of stereotyping and prejudice.

Who are the Readers?

Readers are anyone and everyone - especially you! Bring your curiosity, questions, and a real interest in learning about other people's lives and perspectives, face-to-face in a safe and fun environment.

Meet Our Human Books

Lori Marie Yerxa Lori Marie Yerxa

Fashion designer Lori Yerxa lives in Fort Frances but is originally from Couchiching First Nations. She became a fashion designer in order to change the stereotype of First Nations people. Lori wants people to be proud of who they are. She is proud of what she does and feels empowered by the excitement and positive energy she gets from people who recognize her out in public.

She has always loved fashion and clothing. She likes being creative with fabric and the challenges of designing clothing. Even though she loves what she does, she does not make ALL her own clothes. Clothing takes time to make and when it comes to making a ‘simple’ garment it’s the small details that take the most time.

Check Lori out and learn about all those small details what it really means to be a fashion designer. Have a conversation and discover what it’s like to run your own label, the feeling of taking a garment from design to reality, and so much more. Whether you have an interest in fashion or not, open yourself up to her experiences and learn something new!

Kim Jo Bliss Kim Jo Bliss

Kim Jo Bliss was born and raised in Emo and after completing post-secondary school she returned to the Rainy River District. Her grandma is who made her want to be a farmer. Kim started staying with her as a young child, just so she could farm. Kim never ever wanted to be anything else but a farmer!

There are a few misconceptions about farmers but one of the biggest is the idea that farmers don’t care about their land, animals, or the environment. The truth is if farmers didn’t care – they wouldn’t be farming. If they didn’t look after their land, animals, and environment they would put themselves out of business. In fact, even though there are SO MANY good things about farming, caring for your animals and land is the most rewarding part to Kim Jo. The quality of life for a farmer is like no other.

Check Kim Jo out and learn all about what it means to be a farmer. Have a conversation and lean about what it’s like to farm and care for you animals, land, and environment. Whether you are interested in farming or not, sit down with Kim Jo and hear about her experiences to find out what life on a farm is really all about!

Brian Keffer Brian Keffer

Pastor Brian Keffer was born in Brockville, ON and grew up on a farm near new Dublin. He went to university and seminary in Waterloo. He has lived in Deep River, North Bay, and in Fort Frances since 1997 with his wife Peg and their four kids. Brian decided to do Pastoral work because it seemed like a natural fit following a lifetime romance and loving relationship with God. Something which continues to be an undefinable but beautiful, mysterious, and engaging part of his life as it is through this relationship that he is able to relate with diverse people who trust him to accompany and guide them through transformative experiences.

One misunderstanding of pastors that people have told him after building a relationship and trust is that they did not think a minister could be so “down to earth”. The thing he loves most about his work is the intimate way people entrust their life experiences to him; their hopes, dreams, sorrows, and joys. Brian has a growing library of community stories in his heart and mind. These stories are ongoing and are added to the stories he has learned from communities, some which go back centuries and are biblically recorded.

Check Brian out and discover what it really means to be a pastor. Talk to him and find out what it is like to guide another person through their life experiences, to devote your life to God, and so much more. Whether you are religious or not, take the chance to listen to some of the stories from Brian’s library and maybe add your own!

Const. Kyla Savage Const. Kyla Savage